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What is IdeaPaint?

Put simply, IdeaPaint is a paint that turns any hard surface into a dry-erase surface (whiteboard) and is the only whiteboard product on the market that carries a lifetime gaurantee against peeling, cracking, staining, and yellowing. It has transformed drywall, wood, metal, glass, and concrete into writable surfaces and has revolutionized the way people collaborate.

See how others have used IdeaPaint in the videos at the bottom of this page.

Why do we love IdeaPaint?

There are too many reasons to list but here are just a few:

It can be applied to any size surface turning full walls and hallways into a large canvas for ideas to be collaborated on. No longer are you restrained by standard 4′ x 8′ whiteboards. Your ideas will have room to grow and be expanded on without having to earase anything.

It doesn’t stain. Period. We have left dry-erase markings on IdeaPaint for 8 months long and the marker wipes off as if it was just written. Typical whiteboards stain if markings are left on for more than a day. With IdeaPaint, ideas, strategies, classroom plans can be left on the paint so that you can ellaborate on an idea for weeks and months down the road without wiping them away.

Lifetime gaurantee. IdeaPaint provides a lifetime gaurantee for its product. This means that you will never have to purchase another whiteboard in your lifetime! Typical whiteboards last from 1-5 years. The savings from this alone mean that you and your company will save thousands over the course of many years.

Colours! IdeaPaint comes in a variety of colours which allows you to integrate a whiteboard into the design of your space. Interior designers are painting full walls with IdeaPaint taking away the need for ugly, standard aluminum framed board from the look of an office. Having a coloured wall to write on is also great for kids rooms, giving them the opportunity to be creative while keeping your stress levels down!

Environment. IdeaPaint is the worlds most environmentally concious whiteboard product. A typical whiteboard has to be manufactured with wood, metal, and other products in order for it to be made. Since IdeaPaint is a paint, limited resources are used in the process. Millions of pounds of worn out whiteboards will no longer have to be thrown into the landfill. Carbon emissions due to transportation needs of typical whiteboards is very high. Because IdeaPaint comes in a small paint can, it will reduce the amount of carbon that is emitted becuase of transportation. We recycle the paint can, cardboard box, thus leaving a small environmental footprint as compared to a typical whiteboard.

LEED Certified. IdeaPaint contributes to LEED certified projects which is the environmental practises held in highest regard for new construction. IdeaPaint has the GreenGaurd seal of approval which means that it is certified to have safe emissions within schools and for children.

Why Tidal Wave Painting Professionals?

We were the first company to bring IdeaPaint to Eastern Canada in May, 2011 and made the necessary investments in the product to ensure that we can back up the claims that have been presented. We work closely with the manufacturer so that we are the first to know about any new applications, new installation areas, and any other information that will help our clients.

We are Eastern Canada’s only certified applicator of IdeaPaint. IdeaPaint is a specialty coating that if applied correctly by a professional, it is the best whiteboard product on the market. If not properly applied by a trained professional, this product will not work to its fullest potential or could fail.

We have saved our customers over $20,000 over the course of 2011 on installations of IdeaPaint when compared to porcelain whiteboard purchases.

Having trained professionals that have been certified by IdeaPaint to install your whiteboard ensures that you receive the best possible value. We properly prep, prime, and apply this specialty coating.

Our installers have experience with this product. With over 100 installations to date, we are the most knowledgeable installer of IdeaPaint in Canada. We have applied it to concrete, glass, desks, walls, chalkboards, and old whiteboards.

We believe in service. If you have any problems we are only a phone call away. Questions are answered quickly, and we install at times that are convenient for you and your customers.


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