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Colour change for girls bedroom, Bedford NS

We were asked to transform a little girls bedroom into a newly remodeled space suitable for a princess!
A recent purchase for a local flipper had some tough timelines but we came through with a full exterior transformation. After some long hours scrapping, prepping, and painting, we enabled our client to present the best possible appearance for future sale.
When Platform Space came to us and asked us paint the interior of their brand new multiuse office space they quickly fell in love with the collaboration aspect of IdeaPaint. They requested that we provide 6 walls full of IdeaPaint so that their clients could collaborate together border free! They also use the IdeaPaint walls for reflectionless projector capabilities. You can check out more of their space at
This interior pool repaint was very cool due to the fact that Line-X came in and used their superior coating to protect wall surfaces from pool water. We simply came in and gave the room some final touches to give the pool room a clean and minimalist look.
Another exterior transformation for a client who needed to sell their home. The quickest return on investment by far is having a professional paint your home!
This home needed updating badly. We came in and fixed some major wall imperfections and applied a fresh new coat of paint to walls and trim.
The Principal from Clayton Park Jr. High asked us to come in and apply IdeaPaint to 11 old chalkboards and whiteboards within her school. Some of the chalkboards were over 20 years old and the whiteboards were badly scratched and had massive staining on them. Over the course of two days, we gave them some brand new lifetime gauranteed whiteboards so that students can easily be educated. As a thank-you, we also found some damaged tables within the resource rooms and transformed them into space that kids can write on. Any chance we can get to put IdeaPaint onto desks we do it!
This picture was taken in the music room of Clayton Park Jr. High. We transformed their dusty and beat up chalkboard into a clean and dust free IdeaPaint whiteboard!
The Department of Education heard what IdeaPaint can do within schools and wanted us to do a test project at a school in Liverpool, NS. We transformed a classroom full of 30yr old desks into writable surfaces, took two old chalkboards and turned them into whiteboards, and also transformed two tack boards into whiteboards. Follow us on Twitter to hear how the students and teachers are using the space. This is the first classroom in Atlantic Canada to have IdeaPaint on its desks!
Monster tack board at SQ Jr. High with at least 3 million holes in it. The before and after pictures tell a tale of new creativity for the students!
Another tack board (probably 1.5 million holes)at South Queens Jr. High. Creativity and student interaction is at its peak using IdeaPaint.
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